Schooling Through the Summer

Every year, I have the best intentions of finishing up in a timely manner. Sometimes we start after Labor Day; other years we start in the middle of August. But no matter when we start the school year, we never finish by June. Unexpected life events seem to throw us off “the schedule” each time, no matter how prepared I am. So now, it’s part of my plan to keep on schooling through the summer.

But our summer schooling does look a bit different from our regular school year. Here’s a typical summer homeschooling plan for my family.

Academic Lessons

Realistically, we usually start lessons around 9 am. No matter how many times I’ve “threatened” to wake my kids up at 6:30 or 7:00 so we can get an early start on the day, I have to admit, I love the quietness of the house in the mornings. I’m in no hurry, especially in the summer, to get everyone stirring.

These academic lessons include the subjects we didn’t quite finish up during the year. Usually, that means math for all, reading for my youngest, and grammar for my older kids. It often includes history, too.

Other Lessons

For us, “school” also includes practicing instruments, since their music lessons only take a hiatus of a week or two. Along with practice, music often includes performances, such as mini-concerts at the nursing home.

Summer Camps

Lots of summer camps can also be educational. In the past, my children have participated in art camps and writing camps. This summer, it’s drama camp.

Field Trips

Summertime is the perfect time for field trips! We’ve gotten together with friends to visit nature centers, science centers, farms, state parks, and museums. My kids can’t wait to see what we come up with for this summer!

Road Trips

Road trips count, too! Lots of learning can go on as you travel from city to city or state to state. Experiencing local geography and map reading are just the beginning of the educational opportunities when visiting a new place.

Does your family keep schooling through the summer? What are your favorite ways to keep them learning?

Photo by: Wesley Fryer

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