Schooling through the summer…Are we crazy?

Schooling through the summer

Summer is our favorite season. This family loves some sunshine, sandy beaches and warm weather.  And now we’ve added school.  That’s right.  This family is schooling through the summer.  Are we crazy?

School’s out! Or is it?

As the school year has recently ended for our friends and family, we here in the Huggins household are plowing through our third semester.  Having just started our curriculum in January, we’re approximately half-way through our school year.  I know this is unconventional and I will readily admit it wasn’t our original plan, but this is working for us. You see, Everest was not ready to begin his current curriculum prior to January. And since we did not begin our books until the first of the year, we are not due to finish them until October.

Our homeschool calendar

We don’t mind schooling through the summer because we don’t really know school any other way. We weren’t following a traditional school calendar/year. And I wasn’t going to stop schooling my son just because everyone else was taking summer break (I mean, let’s face it: We don’t typically follow conventional school ideas around here).  You might feel sorry for my son, but he’s quite alright. We still vacation and take trips (and when we do, school is not on our agenda).

When to break?

If, despite my mention of off-days, you still feel like my child is lacking some sort of seasonal hiatus, please know that we will take a lengthy break in the fall to welcome our newest addition into the world. Our crazy schedule is actually working out quite well for our family. What about you? Does your family follow a typical school-year?  Or are you crazy like me and schooling (or something) through the summer?

Photo by Chiot’s Run

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