Self Directed Kids

Though homeschooling makes us parents, in a way, teachers, success is truly effortless if you have a self-directed child. As self-directed child blossoms from encouragement, unconditional love, and approval from those around him. He knows what he enjoys and will be able to communicate those wants.  If his learning is self directed, retaining what he learns is an easy by-product.

Self Directed Kids

A self-directed child will exhibit the following attributes:

-a high level self-confidence

-able to self-assess for self growth

-sees failure as a learning experience

-not afraid to try new things

-willing to take risks and reach their limitations


-able to form their own decisions

-independent thinkers and problem solvers

-able to resist peer pressure

-others’ expectations and approval are not really important though being part of the group is important

-moral principles and values are imperative to decision making

-exhibit self-control and self-discipline

-display great integrity

-will not sacrifice their their own identities to fit in

-will not obey blindly and conform just for the sake of acceptance

Though a child that bends to a parents will is easier to manage and control, ultimately that child is not practicing how to be an individual.  He also will be missing out on following his own interests because others are being imposed on him.

In adult life, a self-directed person is always an asset to any situation. They contribute of themselves in a personal meaningful way.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

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