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If you have children who love making crafts, take a look at Simple Saturdays. This site was created by children’s book author Debbie Gonzales. She offers a new craft, science experiment, math game, or magic trick for children every weekend.

The way it’s set up is so simple and easy to use. On Fridays, check in for the “prep” post. You’ll find out what the weekend’s craft is going to be, and the supplies you’ll need to gather together in order to make it. Then, go back to the site on Saturday for complete instructions. Debbie will take you step by step through the craft, providing photos of each step along the way.

If the Saturday falls close to a holiday, she’ll post a corresponding craft such as Chocolate Roses for Valentine’s Day, a Pot-O-Gold Treasure Hunt for St. Patrick’s Day, and the Easter Lily Necklace for Easter. Or, on a quiet weekend, you might find toilet paper roll kazoos or homemade play dough. Science experiments include easy projects such as The Liquid Sandwich and Ocean in a Bottle, ones any budding young scientist would enjoy. You can also make your own Mankala game or bathtub soap crayons. As you look through the pages, you’ll find even more to do.

This is an enjoyable site for kids (and parents) of all ages. So if you’re searching for a craft to supplement a lesson, a fun activity to add to the school day, or just something to do together on a lazy Saturday, check out these Simple Saturday ideas. Look through the pages with your child, and chances are, you’ll find some you both want to try. Then gather the supplies, read the directions, and get started. You might even find yourself trying a Simple Saturday idea every day!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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