Six Traits of Writing

If you are homeschooling an elementary grade or older child, the six traits of writing are a must to add to your Literature or Writing curriculum. It’s an easy to follow model to ensure that your child’s writing is gaining strength in the right areas. We are going over each slowly and one at time, building one upon the other.

This writing model was designed to impart the craft of quality writing to beginner writers. It is structured around six traits which supply the framework to provide a way to focus instruction.

The six traits of writing are:

1)Ideas- the original and unique message the writer wants to convey or what the writer has to say related to personal experience.

2)Word Choice- The writer should use words that are precise and accurate. Strong action verbs and descriptive adjectives are a must for successful writing.

3) Conventions- This trait refers to the use of elements such as punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization and paragraph structure. All these make what is written is easy to read and understand.

4) Voice- This refers to the writer’s ‘personality’ on paper. The audience should feel that the writer is a real person sharing something of themselves.

5)Sentence Fluency- This is the writer’s ability to create a sentence structure that flows. This means the writer will use short and long sentences to make the content move forward easily.

6) Organization- The structure of the writing piece should be logical and complete. The writer must make intros here is a theme, a build-up to the climax, and a resolution should all be included.

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