Small Colorado Town

Hello All… I wanted to share with you all about how lucky most of us are that we live in a large town/city. My fiance and I both lived in Colorado (that’s where we met)… but he lived in the smallest town I think I’ve ever been to. The first time I visited the town they didn’t even have one stoplight… and that was only around 5 years ago. Now they do have one stoplight as you enter and leave… but that’s it! They have one grocery store, 3 mom and pop restaurants, and 2 mom and pop hotels. Why do they need hotels? I don’t know… there’s nothing there :). If you want to go to the movies, or shop you have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest town. If you want to do anything after 9pm when everything closes (even the gas stations) you have to drive the same 45 minutes on a road with no lights (and watch out for deer). Of course since this town is so small you only have one elementary school, one middle school and one high school… so you better make friends with the people at school because you’ll be seeing them a lot. I know many of the people in this town don’t rely on technology or use the Internet that much which is a shame because I think Smart Tutor could really help in a town with limited options for schooling. Anyways the best part about this town is the picture above. On either side of this town there are huge lakes. The picture above is my favorite lake out of the two. It’s gorgeous! You can camp, fish, bring your canoe, jet ski, boat, etc. However… make sure you plan your trip right… we were jet skiing on this lake in Sept. once and almost got hypothermia because it’s so cold. This water comes straight from the mountains, and of course freezes over in the wintertime. If you ever scuba dive in this lake you will find jet ski’s, boats, watches, sunglasses and many more items you can sell on eBay :). I’ve heard way too many stories about the stupid things people think of in this small town (like trying to jet ski on the ice).

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