Team Celebrates Presidential Inauguration

We, at, were pleasantly surprised yesterday when Dale ( the boss) decided to go out and celebrate the Presidential Inauguration, a historical event that most in the team had not witnessed before.

Denis took a picture of the enormous screen at the bar of the moment when the crowds were going wild in D.C. after Obama was sworn in. We had lunch and celebrated at a local restaurant… I was very happy I was watching the ceremony here in Florida and not freezing in D.C.

We are all excited about the new President, and we pledge to continue to work and service all our members and students.  Our freebies page now has NEW Word Searches, Door hangers, and lots of fun download-able products!

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  1. Yes, as one of the team, I must say that it was very inspirational to watch Barak Obama get sworn in as President of the United States. It was great that we did it together… as a team. That’s what Learning Today is all about… working together as a team.

    We all have a very positive outlook and were equally inspired by our new leader’s inaugeration speech. We too will do what we can to help this country grow. I think our part is to listen to our clients and offer them products they are passionate about (and lots of freebies too)!

    All the best,

  2. Wow – you have a great boss! More companies should promote team work and civic pride like that. Too many people don’t pay attention to what’s going on in this country. Let’s all hope for a brighter future.

    I’ve checked out the SmartTutor website and think it’s awesome. My son has already played some of the games on the Freebies page and said they were lots of fun. His favorite ones are Swat! and Power Up. He’s looking forward to trying out all the activities.


  3. What a great day this was! I feel very blessed to work with such a great team of people. Dale & Robin (the boss :)) are amazing for letting us experience the inauguration during work hours. It was amazing to watch and I look forward to seeing what our Pres. has in store.

    Thank you so much Dale & Robin for keeping this team so close together!

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