Sneaker Art

This weeks art project comes courtesy of my artistic brother who is a sneaker head. He collects all sorts of great sneakers, including canvas sneakers which he paints with his signature graffiti art.


By personalizing simple and inexpensive canvas sneakers, children can express themselves in a truly unique artistic way.


The design can incorporate any theme that is near and dear to the artist, such as video games, anime, cartoons, movies, books and etc.


The first step is to sketch on paper the basic idea of what the artist wants to paint on the shoe. Then either obtain a pair of canvas shoes or sneakers for the best result. White or other light color shoes can be decorated with fabric markers and sharpies.  For other color shoes, acrylic paint will be needed to ensure the design is visible.



-Canvas sneakers or shoes remove any laces -Acrylic paint, basic colors -Firm nylon paint brushes -Paper plate -Black Sharpie -Clear Matte Varnish spray -Fabric markers (for light shoes)




-First, paint a base coat to make the area smooth and opaque. If using light colored shoes, a base coat is not needed.


-Use a pencil to draw your picture’s basic shapes on the base color. Once you paint them, draw the smaller details with a sharpie when the paint is dry.


-Finally, when you are done and paint is completely dry, spray your shoes with the varnish.


Check out pictures of a some great canvas sneaker art.

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