Snow Days!

For many of us, this winter has already been a snowy one. The excitement my children show when they see those first few flurries is contagious. After the snow blankets the ground, we bundle up to go sledding, make snowmen, have snowball fights, and take a quiet walk through the icy woods.

After everyone’s been outside a while (the kids usually last longer out there than I do), we all clamber back inside, cold and wet. Everyone wanders off to change into something warm, and we heat up the cocoa. It’s about that time one of the children will ask, “What can we do now?”

Snow days, or any wintery day when you’re stuck inside for a while, are perfect opportunities to do things you might not usually do as a family. If you’re looking for some ideas for those chilly days, here are some things you might try:

  • Work a puzzle together – Depending on how old your children are, this could be a large puzzle with a lot of pieces, or a smaller puzzle that you can just “help” your child with as needed. If you have the room, consider setting up a table especially for the puzzle.
  • Build a town out of legos – Have each member of the family create their own “house” for the lego town. Be sure to include some furnishings, such as a bed, table, or chair. If you have enough legos on hand, you may even want to build store or other public building, such as a post office or fire station.
  • Build a family fort – Choose one room in your home that has the least amount of traffic and build a fort together. Use couch cushions and chairs as supports and blankets for the top. Then, after everyone is cuddled up in the fort, take turns telling “snow stories.”
  • Make a movie – A video camera, a few props, and action! Look around the house for any costumes you may have. Decide who will wear what and the part each person will play. You might spend some time writing a script together, or you might do the whole movie as an impromptu scene.

Whether you’re spending time inside or out, snow days can be the ideal time to come together as a family — learning, creating, and enjoying each other!

Article by Samantha Bell

Photo by Martin Pettitt

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