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Socializing when Homeschooling

I was at the auto mechanic’s shop today waiting for my car to be looked at. It was taking a while, so I began talking with a gentleman who was waiting for his car as well. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned that we homeschooled, and he wondered if my children were socialized. I assured him they were well-socialized – they are some of the most social people I know!

Many times, those who don’t homeschool don’t realize all the opportunities that are open to homeschooled children, so many sometimes that we have to put a limit on it and say “no more!” Often it depends on the area where you live as to what’s available; some communities have more activities to take part in than others. But even if there’s not a lot to do in your area, you can create your own “social” days!

Socializing when Homeschooling

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Roller Skating or Ice Skating – Sometimes area rinks will sponsor “homeschool days” during the regular school day so kids can come skate. It’s a win-win for both the students and the rink which might otherwise be closed.

Bowling – In a similar way, your local bowling alley might offer a special time for homeschoolers. If not, get a group together and go bowl!

Cub Scouts, Brownies, and American Heritage Girls – These scouting organizations provide a great way to get outdoors and meet new friends.

Art Classes – I’ve taught art classes just for homeschoolers because they can come during the day when other kids are unable to. Check with your local arts and crafts store to see if they have any classes available there.

Drama – We have three children’s drama organizations within 30 minutes of our home. It’s a great way to have your youngster not only get involved in the arts but build confidence as well.

Music Organizations – You could go the more traditional route with a youth symphony, or your area might also have a homeschool band or strings ensemble.

Community Service Projects – Get your friends together and do a project! You might come up with a program for a nursing home, a neighborhood clean-up, or a canned food drive. Whatever you do, it’s more fun to do with friends!

Field Trips – Set up field trips for your family and invite other families you know to come along. You might go to the zoo or a science center. You could also call to see if a company or shop would welcome a tour group. We’ve toured printing companies, bakeries, pizzerias, donut shops, pet stores, radio stations, and television stations, all for free.

Group Fun Day – Set up a day once a week to meet with friends. If there’s no field trip scheduled, you could just go to a park to play or even visit at someone’s house. It’s not only good for the kids, it’s great for the moms!

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