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We homeschool our children because we want to make sure they are learning in the best possible way; because we perceive school is not providing the best opportunities for them.

However, I was surprised to find, after  taking an informal poll in our local homeschooling group, that 92% of them follow traditional school teaching techniques and environment.  A large percentage of these families also rely on standardized testing.  When asked why, the most common answer given was that they wanted to make sure their kids were keeping up with school kids. But why? We know from current studies that the school system is pumping out young adults who lack what is necessary to fulfill the important roles in this new world.

Homeschooling provides an opportunity to help children learn what is uniquely interesting to them, to help them develop the skills necessary to not just survive, not just to get a job but to be change makers, creative problem solvers, innovative, dynamic individuals who will be able to face a challenging world. To use a new word being used, children have the opportunity to become solutionaries.

I read an incredible article about Finland ranking number one in the world for educational outcomes.  They are, indeed, pumping out capable young adults, who test phenomenally, without stressing them to a breaking point and with just one standardized test. Their education is meaningful to life, not annual test scores.

So I have decided that if I’m going to replicate or emulate a school system at home, it will be the school system that can provide desired outcomes.

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