Strawberry Season, a Season to Learn

In our area, May means strawberries. During the whole month, fresh strawberries are available on local farms to pick yourself or just to purchase. We’ve been by one of the farms twice already for berries, and I plan to go again once more before they’re all gone. We eat the berries plain, put them in smoothies, or make strawberry shortcake.

When homeschooling, it’s easy to incorporate activities such as strawberry picking into the school day. You can make the event a field trip, a get-together with friends, or part of a unit study about strawberries, fruit, or nutrition in general. You can also find books at your local library to include with your lessons. Some to consider are:

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood – In this interactive picture book, the little mouse finds a ripe strawberry, but the bear wants it too. The mouse thinks of creative ways to keep the bear from eating the strawberry, finally eating it himself.

The First Strawberries by Joesph Bruchac and Anna Vojtech and The First Woman and the Strawberry by Gloria Dominic – These two books tell the Cherokee story of the creation of strawberries. When the man and woman have a disagreement, the woman becomes angry and leaves. The man is unable to catch up; that is, until the woman finds the new berry and stops to eat. The two make amends, and the strawberries remind them to be kind to each other.

The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher by Molly Bang – In this wordless picture book, the Grey Lady must carry her strawberries from the market to her home before the Strawberry Snatcher gets them. He follows her through the town, gaining on her, until they go into the swamp and then the forest, where it seems he will finally get the berries. That is, until he discovers blackberries.

Take advantage of the season and enjoy it with your children — with a bowl of strawberries and a good book!

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