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The weather is hot, the insects are out, the kids are ready to swim — it must be summer! Whether or not you’re formally homeschooling through the summer, it’s still a great time for children to keep learning. If you have younger students, you can create a unit study of the season using books found at your library. Some of the books you might want to use include:

Summer (Four Seasons Series) by Nuria Roca – This picture book is one of a four-volume series featuring the seasons. During the summer, children can play ball, ride their bikes, or go swimming.

It’s Summer! by Linda Glaser – Also one of a four-part series, this book follows a child observing animals, birds, insects, and plants on a summer’s day. It also includes a list of activities for summer.  This book features fun illustrations created with cut paper.

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? – After a long winter, a mother and child watch for signs of spring turning into summer: squirrels building nests, trees blossoming, the earth softening, and birds singing. The illustrations for this book were also beautifully done with cut paper.

One Hot Summer Day by Nina Cruz – What do you do on a very hot summer day? It’s too hot to play on the playground, but not quite hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Two grape popsicles and a rain shower finally bring some cooling relief.

Summer Stinks by Marty Kelly – Taking the reader through the alphabet, this rhyming picture book gives twenty-six reasons why summertime can be no fun. Ants eating snacks, the tide washing away sand castles, and ice cream melting are only a few of the woes faced by kids during the warmer months.

So whether it’s a hot day, a stormy day, or just a lazy day, find some good books about summer, and enjoy!

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