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Summer Homeschool

Summer is generally a more-relaxed time, even if you are schooling year-round. One way to combine fun with learning during the summer months is to play games. While you can purchase educational games from teaching stores or online, you can also make your own. You can even involve your children in crafting the game before you play it.

Here are a few of the games we have made in the past:

Reading Bingo

With a pen, divide a piece of paper (I like to use cardstock) into six equal parts, creating a game card. You’ll need one game card for each player. Next, write a reading word in each space, putting different words on different game cards. To make the “playing cards,” cut another sheet or sheets of paper into small rectangles. On each of these cards, write just one of the reading words. Play the game like a regular bingo game, turning over one playing card at a time, reading the word aloud. You can use pennies, beans, or candy for markers. The first one to fill up their game card wins!

Reading Memory Game

Cut a couple of pieces of paper into small rectangles, forming playing cards. Write a reading word on each card, making sure to write each word two times so they can be matched. Spread the cards face-down on the table and play the game like the traditional memory game.

The Five Senses Game

Choose objects from around the house and place them in a bag. Have the children come up one at a time and pick up an object without taking it out of the bag. They must feel the object and guess what it is.

A variation of this game would be to choose different foods from the refrigerator. Blindfold the student and have them first smell and then taste the food. The student must guess what the food is.

Board Games

You can create a board game based on any subject. Use a piece of poster board or foam board for the base and draw or cut out squares to move along. You might include a stack of cards with questions about the subject that players have to answer, or you might write the questions on the board itself. You can make your own pieces from clay or buttons and roll dice to move them along.

The possibilities are endless! Use your imagination, or better yet, have your children use their imaginations to create games you can play all summer!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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