Summer Learning Activities

Summer Learning Activities

Summer is here, and my children are ready for school to be over. I keep trying to tell them, though, that the subjects we haven’t quite finished up yet will have to be completed late June. But — if your children were able to stay on task and finish their work before, here are some fun activities you can do to keep the learning fresh through the vacation months.

Summer Learning Activities

Group Field Trips

Organize a field trip with friends to your local zoo, farm, or shop. Grocery stores also give tours, as do fire departments, post offices, bakeries, libraries, and pet stores. Just call and see if they have any times available.

Museum Visits

There’s nothing like a visit to a museum to give your children a starting point for learning something new. As you go through the exhibits together, make notes of what interests your child most, then do some more research together on those topics when you get home.

Reading Programs

Our library offers reading incentives every year, as do the libraries in the neighboring counties. Check with your library to see if they have any summer reading programs. You can find out about other programs here.

Getting Involved

Because summer is usually a less busy for many homeschoolers, it’s a great time to find some community service activities. You might check with your local humane societies, food pantries, or Meals on Wheels.

Learning as You Go

Taking a trip this summer? Have your children spend some time researching the destination before you go. Are you visiting another state? What’s the state capital, state bird, state flower, and state motto? What are the major attractions of the state or the area you are traveling to? How are you going to get there? You can even have your child compare the costs of various modes of transportation, including car, train, bus, or plane.

Computer Skills

Summer is a great time for your children to hone those computer skills! You can find programs to teach them how to type, then go from there. Show them how to create word documents, use PowerPoint, or send email.

I think most homeschoolers will agree – the lazy days of summer are full of opportunities!

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