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Learning to Read with Letter Cards

Learning to Read with Letter Cards Some of my biggest challenges as a homeschooling mom have involved reading. My youngest child has had an especially difficult time learning to read, so much so that I had to find someone else who could help. That’s when I learned about “letter cards”. I must admit, I don’t know much about teaching reading. My oldest child just

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Homeschooling Your First Grader

Your child is now ready to begin the first grade. If you began homeschooling him in Kindergarten, you probably found that teaching him the basic skills wasn’t as hard as you may have thought. Your first grader is just as excited about learning as your Kindergartener was, so continue to take advantage of as many hands-on learning opportunities that you can. For a general

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Homeschooling Your Kindergartener

Your preschooler is ready for formal schooling. Now what? Many homeschooling families loosely follow traditional school guidelines for grade levels. If your child attended a traditional school, he began Kindergarten the year he turned five, providing the fifth birthday occurred before August. Those children with September through December birthdays are encouraged to begin Kindergarten the next year. When homeschooling, however, this is simply a

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