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Sweet Lessons – Cookie Swap!

Every December, a friend of mine hosts a Christmas cookie swap. Anyone who comes is to bake six dozen cookies of the same variety and write down the recipe on several recipe cards. Then, at the party, each person receives a gift box in which they place about half a dozen of each type of cookie, and they can pick up the recipe cards

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“What Can I Do?” – Hobbies for Kids

With more free time during the summer, my rising 6th grader has been looking for a hobby. I’ve mentioned several to her, but none have seemed to interest her yet. This has led us to search for even more ideas, as we hope to find her “niche.” If you’re child is coming to you saying, “What can I do?” consider getting her started with

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Homeschooling Your Kindergartener

Your preschooler is ready for formal schooling. Now what? Many homeschooling families loosely follow traditional school guidelines for grade levels. If your child attended a traditional school, he began Kindergarten the year he turned five, providing the fifth birthday occurred before August. Those children with September through December birthdays are encouraged to begin Kindergarten the next year. When homeschooling, however, this is simply a

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