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Holiday Activities | Homeschool

The holidays offer so many opportunities for learning, serving, and spending time together. Here are a few of the holiday activities we plan to do this December: Make Gingerbread Houses Years ago I purchased the molds to make a gingerbread house, school, and train. Even if you don’t have a mold, you can still make a house from scratch. Search the Internet or holiday

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Picture Books for Christmas

A friend of mine told me about a holiday tradition she started when her children were very small. Each year, she would purchase one new picture book about Christmas to add to their collection, and each year they had one more to read. Now that her oldest is a teenager, they have a lot of special books to share, and a lot of special

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Crafts for Christmas

It’s that time of year again — time to decorate the tree, wrap the presents, and bake lots of cookies. At our house, it’s also time to pull out the craft box!  While my younger children make crafts throughout the year, during the Christmas season we usually cut back a little on the schoolwork, leaving us all with more time to create! If your

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Reorganizing for the New Year

The New Year is often a time for a fresh start, and for me that includes a fresh start with homeschooling. Our weeks surrounding the holidays are usually filled with special activities, trips, and get-togethers, so the week after Christmas is a good time to regroup and reorganize. If you’re getting back to lesson planning this week, there are lots of good sites on

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