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Homeschooling Co-op

For the past five years, we’ve been a part of a smaller homeschooling co-op. It’s actually the third co-op we’ve joined, and it’s the one we’ve been able to stick with. But not all homeschoolers are part of a co-op, and that’s okay too. Homeschooling Co-op #1 We joined our first co-op when my oldest was just in third grade and my youngest was

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Homeschooling Co-ops

Everyone craves community. Homeschooling families more so, not just for the companionship for our kids and possibly for the adults, but for the resources such friendships can provide. For example, I love writing and portrait painting. My husband is a math wiz and an avid tennis player, and my ex-husband a wonderful guitar player and agriculturalist. All we were missing to complete our homeschooling

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