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Wants vs Needs

During a social studies study unit, my son and I happened upon the wants vs. needs discussion. We talked about how needs are those that we cannot live without like food, clothing, shelter and health care. We then went over how though we enjoy items such as toys, junk food, video games, gadgets and fancy clothes, these things qualify as wants. They are not

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Xbox Live…Are You Ready?

I can hear my son talking up a storm in our ‘game’ room.  His very animated words and laughter break into the silence. Though I cannot hear the person he is talking to, indeed he is interacting with a friend. We recently purchased an Xbox Live account which is the online gaming service for the Xbox 360 that allows you to interact with other

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Homeschooling Co-ops

Everyone craves community. Homeschooling families more so, not just for the companionship for our kids and possibly for the adults, but for the resources such friendships can provide. For example, I love writing and portrait painting. My husband is a math wiz and an avid tennis player, and my ex-husband a wonderful guitar player and agriculturalist. All we were missing to complete our homeschooling

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Volunteering for Home Schooled Children

For years, I have volunteered at the local Humane Society and Wilderness Center. I love to work with animals, but the main reason I do it is because I believe compassion is learned as we help others. I want to set the example for my children so they can one day feel the fulfillment I have felt while volunteering. Though there are few organizations

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Sweet Lessons – Cookie Swap!

Every December, a friend of mine hosts a Christmas cookie swap. Anyone who comes is to bake six dozen cookies of the same variety and write down the recipe on several recipe cards. Then, at the party, each person receives a gift box in which they place about half a dozen of each type of cookie, and they can pick up the recipe cards

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