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Messy Kids

It seems to me lately with my toddler that I spend a lot of time cleaning up or preventing messes.  I know from reading I did when my son was little that messy play is good for children. In an effort to remain in control I am always on the lookout for creative , messy activities that I can contain.  I find cooking and

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Independent Cooking

Yesterday was my daughter’s first birthday. My son asked what he could get her and I replied he could make her something. He thought for a long time, and finally announced he wanted to make the cake…wait for it…FROM SCRATCH! By himself. Be still my heart. I am obsessed with cleanliness. If I’m honest, and I am, I have to admit I didn’t want

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“What Can I Do?” – Hobbies for Kids

With more free time during the summer, my rising 6th grader has been looking for a hobby. I’ve mentioned several to her, but none have seemed to interest her yet. This has led us to search for even more ideas, as we hope to find her “niche.” If you’re child is coming to you saying, “What can I do?” consider getting her started with

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Homeschooling Parents | Share Your Skills

About this time of year, many homeschoolers are beginning to plan for summer studies or the next school year. Our co-op is already beginning to form the 2010-2011 class schedules based on student interest and teacher availability. As you decide the subjects you want your children to study, you might consider sharing your own skills with others – and allowing them to share with

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Teach Kids Cooking Activities

If you have a youngster who loves spending time with you in the kitchen, or if you have an older child who is beginning to focus on cooking skills, the website Kids-Cooking-Activities.com is one you’ll want to visit. This cooking site is full of information to help you involve your children in meal planning and preparation. On the homepage, you’ll find a list of

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