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Clouds – What Can Your Kids Make of Them?

Daydreaming days can be inadvertent learning days. When school friends are off for holidays, my son takes that time off too. Lots of day trips to open spaces ensue and laying on the ground to cloud watch is a favorite past time. We went over lots of cloud information, like: – What are clouds? Clouds are a visible collection of fine water droplets suspended

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My son has inherited both his father’s and my right-brainy-ness. He is a creative soul who creates constantly, both literally and figuratively.  He loves to tell stories most of all, in which he’s the hero. He uses anything new he’s learned to fill his stories each time more magnificently than the last. The first and only parent- teacher conference I ever attended, the teacher

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Late Night Talks

It’s nine in the morning and my son is still sleeping soundly. My parents would be horrified. On a school day no less!  Everything we had planned for today can be pushed forward for later, tomorrow or the day after that. Oh, the joy of home learning! Nothing should disturb a sleeping child I believe, because in dreaming, that child solidifies all the knowledge

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Money on the Mind? – More Money Making Ideas for Kids!

If your children are like mine, they are always on the lookout for ways to earn a little extra spending money. And with summer just around the bend, they have more time to try new ventures and opportunities. If you have a child who’s too young for traditional employment, you might help him get started with one of these ideas: Make crafts to sell:

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Teach Kids Cooking Activities

If you have a youngster who loves spending time with you in the kitchen, or if you have an older child who is beginning to focus on cooking skills, the website Kids-Cooking-Activities.com is one you’ll want to visit. This cooking site is full of information to help you involve your children in meal planning and preparation. On the homepage, you’ll find a list of

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Highlights Hidden Pictures Online

If you’ve ever had to wait in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, you’ve probably seen a copy of Highlights Magazine for Children. Perhaps you have a subscription and receive it in the mail. Either way, you’re familiar with the hidden picture puzzles. These were always my favorite growing up, and my children really enjoy them too. Did you know Highlights has made even more

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