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The Anti-Coloring Book

I love looking through used book sales for bargains, and at a recent sale, I found a gem! It’s The Anti-Coloring Book by Susan Striker. The cover says that it’s good for ages 6 and up, but many of the pages would work for younger children, too. What makes this an “anti-coloring” book is that children don’t color the pictures — they draw them!

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Teaching Art

Homeschooling offers advantages that traditional schooling cannot: flexible schedules, more time with family members to build relationships, and instruction tailored to each student’s needs. But homeschooling has its challenges as well, and one of those can be teaching art. If a parent doesn’t have a lot of background or experience, they might be at a loss about where to begin. Here are some ideas

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Drawing With Children

For those homeschool parents who haven’t done much art instruction with their children and are wondering where to begin, the book Drawing With Children by author/artist Mona Brookes is a great place to start. Written with parents in mind, Drawing With Children presents lessons and exercises to help children learn to draw, all the while improving their skills in visual perception, visual-spatial organization, and

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