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Homeschooling the Fourth Grade

Your nine- or ten-year-old is ready to enter the fourth grade. If you’re following the classical model of homeschooling, your child is still in the grammar stage, a time when memorization of poetry, historical dates, math facts, and grammar rules is encouraged. But what else does she need to know? You can check with your state’s fourth grade standards online, or you could follow

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Homeschooling Your Third Grader

If your child is 8-9 years old, he’s probably entering the third grade. By now, he’s used to your homeschooling routine and knows what’s expected of him. In this grade, you might choose to continue with unit studies or lapbooking, or you might move more into workbooks and practice sheets. You might begin using a formal spelling or grammar book, or you might have

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The Core Knowledge Series – Homeschooling Books

Whether or not you’re new to homeschooling, the Core Knowledge book series edited by E. D. Hirsch, Jr. is a valuable resource for those teaching children from kindergarten through sixth grade. Designed to be used by both parents and teachers, the books discuss the important knowledge a child should learn as he completes a particular grade. Titles include What Your Kindergartener Needs to Know,

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