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Homeschooling Green

Go to any homeschooling event, play group, class and co-op and you will see tons of worksheets, curriculums, books, textbooks and workbooks. It’s not an exaggeration- we homeschoolers tend to amass lots of paper. There are plenty of ways for homeschooling families to be eco-conscious by reducing their footprint on the planet. Using less paper and making use of technology to replace worksheets, books

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Usborne Earth and Space

If you want to study the earth and stars with your little ones (1st-3rd grade), a good book to start with is Earth and Space, part of the Usborne Starting Point Science series. Written by Susan Mayes and Sophy Tahta, each page of this book contains a limited amount of text and brightly colored illustrations, making it a fun book to read together while

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