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Summer Reading for Elementary Students

Whether or not your children are working on school lessons the summer, it’s still a good time to keep them reading. Often, libraries will have summer reading programs or contests for kids to keep them motivated. If you’re looking for some good books for your children but aren’t sure where to start, ask your librarian for a recommended reading list. Or, even better, ask

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Easy Reads – Historical Fiction

“Historical Fiction” is the term given to books that mix fictional characters and action with historical figures, settings, and events. Supplementing your homeschool curriculum with historical fiction is a great way to make history come alive for students, as these books reinforce what the children have learned about a particular time period. Instead of rehashing facts and dates, they review the information by reading

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Kids’ Craft Sites

If you are homeschooling preschool or elementary-aged children, you’re probably doing a lot of activities to supplement the lessons. Subjects such as science and social studies especially lend themselves to creative ideas. If you are looking for a new craft idea for your children, try one of these sites: AllFreeCrafts.com This site features more than 1100 original crafts as well as homemade gift ideas.

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Reading for the Fourth Grade

If you’ve read to your fourth grader since she was very small, chances are she loves to read by herself. For a fourth grader in a traditional school, reading programs usually consist of phonics and comprehension skills. At home, you can find a similar program to use, or you can simply provide your child with good books and a designated time to read them.

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Reading in the Third Grade

Hopefully, by the time your child begins the third grade, she’s enjoying reading books. As with all the early elementary ages, however, third graders read on different levels; some may still be struggling with de-coding words while others may be reading chapter books or longer works independently. If you find that your child still needs extra help with reading, don’t worry; just continue with

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