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Catching myself sometimes just giving my son the answer to any question posed to me. It’s how I was raised- to believe adults held all the knowledge and everything they told me was real and true.  You can imagine how disappointed and betrayed I felt when I realized that adult truths were spotty at best. I was sometimes also told to stop asking so

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

My son constantly debates whether to be an astronaut, a police officer, a secret agent, or a gamer.  The debate takes place every day,”Mom, I could be a police officer like my uncle or maybe it would be better to be a gamer and play video games all day!  But maybe that would be boring after a while…” on and on. I remember having

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One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Game!

I can still hear my son’s little voice begging me to play “Grandma’s Treasure” just one more time. Over and over we played it until I started to dread it, like when your favorite song gets played out on the radio . This game would keep him enthralled for hours – the deck of cards enable you to set up a treasure hunt with

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