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As I have mentioned in the past, my adventurous boy loves treasure hunting. We have been avid geocachers for about a year. Recently, a friend turned us onto something similar and just as fun called Letterboxing. It is, like in geocaching, a treasure hunting game/ sport which uses clues written online by other Letterbox enthusiasts to find a hidden box or treasure! This is

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My son has inherited both his father’s and my right-brainy-ness. He is a creative soul who creates constantly, both literally and figuratively.  He loves to tell stories most of all, in which he’s the hero. He uses anything new he’s learned to fill his stories each time more magnificently than the last. The first and only parent- teacher conference I ever attended, the teacher

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Bug Out With These Homeschool Ideas

During Memorial Day weekend, we gathered with extended family for our annual holiday/camping/family reunion in the mountains of Tennessee. While walking across one of the fields on Saturday, a group of us came across a very ugly insect struggling in the grass as it was molting. The weekend was full of other insect discoveries, as the children caught fireflies, moths, grasshoppers, and more, making

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