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Historical Fiction for Teens

When deciding which books to use to supplement the lessons for your teens, consider adding historical fiction to your student’s curriculum. By searching the shelves of your local library or bookstore, you’ll find many classic and contemporary tales to supplement your World History or American History course. Not only do the books reinforce the student’s knowledge of a particular time period, they present him

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Historical Fiction for the Middle Grades

No matter what your students are studying in history, consider using historical fiction as part of your curriculum. More than just dates and events, this genre of literature immerses readers in the time period, taking them on an adventure during the era they’ve just studied. If you want to supplement your curriculum for your middle grade readers (grades 5-9), here are some books you

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Easy Reads – Historical Fiction

“Historical Fiction” is the term given to books that mix fictional characters and action with historical figures, settings, and events. Supplementing your homeschool curriculum with historical fiction is a great way to make history come alive for students, as these books reinforce what the children have learned about a particular time period. Instead of rehashing facts and dates, they review the information by reading

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Picture This! – Historical Reads

When we study history, I often supplement the lessons with reading books that correspond with the era we are learning about.  The children read age-appropriate biographies, or I read the books together with them. Another great resource, however, is historical fiction. Historical fiction is the name given to the genre of literature that features stories set during a particular period of history but that

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Reading in the Third Grade

Hopefully, by the time your child begins the third grade, she’s enjoying reading books. As with all the early elementary ages, however, third graders read on different levels; some may still be struggling with de-coding words while others may be reading chapter books or longer works independently. If you find that your child still needs extra help with reading, don’t worry; just continue with

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