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Schooling Through the Summer

Every year, I have the best intentions of finishing up in a timely manner. Sometimes we start after Labor Day; other years we start in the middle of August. But no matter when we start the school year, we never finish by June. Unexpected life events seem to throw us off “the schedule” each time, no matter how prepared I am. So now, it’s part

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Homeschooling Through the Summer

Homeschooling Through the Summer I start ever year with good intentions, great anticipation, and high hopes that we’ll actually finish all the work by the end of May. And every year, we are still working on things (usually math) through June and sometimes into July. Then August comes around, and it’s time to start up again. School for us just naturally goes year-round. But

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Help With Homeschooling

We’re about to start our thirteenth year of homeschooling with two in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. And while it would be nice to take all the credit as their primary educator, I have to confess – I have had lots of help with homeschooling. Play Groups and Field Trips Even when my children we small, help was there.

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Organizing Field Trips

We are part of various homeschool groups.  As active members, we are expected to plan educational field trips for everyone in the group. Coordinating a successful field trip for a large group can be daunting.  A field trip that supplements homeschooling academics while providing an outlet for our kids to socialize is harder than it seems. Advance planning goes a long way to ensure

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Schooling During Spring Break

If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself a little behind in your school calendar, you might choose to have your students continue working through Spring Break. It can be difficult to do, though, if friends or family members have the time off and want to get together. You can make Spring Break both fun and educational, however. Here are a few ideas: Schedule

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Field Trips for Homeschoolers

A quiet hike through the woods, a civil war reenactment, an alpaca farm, a bakery tour – field trips are an ideal way to incorporate hands-on and memorable lessons into your homeschooling plans. The type of field trip you schedule will most likely correspond with the subject you’re studying, but it doesn’t have to. Opportunities to make learning fun are worth interrupting the regular

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