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Let’s bring back the afterschool playdate

When school is out for the day, kids just want to run and play, speak as loud as they want, eat to their hearts desire… you get the picture. I believe they earn these small freedoms after a day chuck full of regulations. As afternoon caretakers, the most wonderful gift we can give our children is this unstructured freedom. For the most part, some

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Free Time for Mommy

It’s nice to have a break- no kids, no planning, just quiet time with my own thoughts. I was able to enjoy that this past weekend when my husband announced he was taking the kids to the park. It was an hour and a half of pure bliss. As a homeschooling parent, I find very little down time since I have to make the

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“What Can I Do?” – Hobbies for Kids

With more free time during the summer, my rising 6th grader has been looking for a hobby. I’ve mentioned several to her, but none have seemed to interest her yet. This has led us to search for even more ideas, as we hope to find her “niche.” If you’re child is coming to you saying, “What can I do?” consider getting her started with

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