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It Takes a Village…or Maybe Not

My son has three parents. His father, stepfather and me. So imagine my surprise when a mother in one of our homeschooling playgroups reprimanded my son for something I would not have bothered to call him on myself. I don’t know who was more shocked at her sharp tone and threat of punishment: me or him! He lowered his eyes and apologized to her.

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Snow Days!

For many of us, this winter has already been a snowy one. The excitement my children show when they see those first few flurries is contagious. After the snow blankets the ground, we bundle up to go sledding, make snowmen, have snowball fights, and take a quiet walk through the icy woods. After everyone’s been outside a while (the kids usually last longer out

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Please Teach This. Thank You!

One often overlooked area of study is manners and etiquette for young people. If you’d like to incorporate this subject into your homeschooling day, check out the curriculum Oops, Your Manners are Showing. The lessons, written by Peggy Norwood and Jan Stable, are compiled in books for ages 2-3, 4-7, and 8-adult. Teacher’s guides and activity pages are available for each age group as

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