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As homeschoolers and having an only child for so long, socialization became of utmost importance. Setting up play dates, outings with other children was imperative. Socialization is the anti-homeschoolers main complaint about homeschooling. For years, if my son played alone for a while, hours sometimes, I would sigh inside and think how lonely he must be. I would whisk him away as soon as

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For the first time, my son slept over a friend’s house. As we prepared his overnight bag, I caught myself telling my son “be good; behave…”. I stopped myself because a warning bell went off in my mind.  What exactly was I doing by saying “be good”? We teach our kids to respect their elders, to obey grown-ups and to do what they are

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Growing Up

Today I read an article that announced a recent survey revealed more than half of American parents are still supporting their adult children. Yikes!  It started to get me thinking about the need to ensure that our children learn to grow up to be functioning adults who contribute to society and community. The first thing I know it is imperative to have is an

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Importance of Play

Growing up I was given responsibilities early on. I would watch my younger siblings playing make believe or running around having fun and felt out of place. Being responsible and serious seemed to make my kid feeling ebb away. Since my son was born, I have tried hard to play with him. When he was a toddler one day, we were playing with clay.

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Keeping Kids in a Bubble

When I first started homeschooling, my family and friends were alarmed. They shared their concerns that ‘sheltering’ my son was not going to do him any favors. That homeschooling would only help him stay a baby. I don’t know exactly what they had in mind homeschooling entailed. Though we homeschool around his interests, it does not mean he will think the world revolves around

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