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Homeschooling | History with Jean Fritz

When my younger children study history, we usually read together from a main text, such as The Story of the World. I also like to supplement our reading with other books about the same subject. One of my favorite authors of children’s history books is Jean Fritz. Fritz’s career as an author has spanned over fifty years and included more than twenty-five books, many

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Homeschooling the Second Grade

You’re ready to homeschool your second grader. Perhaps you’ve been homeschooling since Kindergarten or first grade, or perhaps your child has attended a traditional school and this is your first year. You might be using a curriculum that you’re familiar with and that works for your child, or you might be looking for something new to try. Many different types of curricula are designed

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Homeschool: History Lesson at Work

This week, my husband had a couple of days off, and he had a big project he wanted to complete before going back to work. Some time ago, our neighbor had an old cabin on his property that he didn’t want anymore, and he offered it to us. My husband, a history buff, jumped at the opportunity, and for quite a while now he’s

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Summer Homeschooling – Every Town Has a Story

While your family may be taking a break from the books this summer, they don’t need to take a break from learning. The relaxed summer schedules offer great opportunities to explore topics that you don’t have time to study during the school year. A good lesson in social studies involves learning about the town where you live. Every city has a history to explore,

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Homeschool – Teaching History

As a history major in college, it’s easy for me to sit through a discussion of past events – especially those related to American history. It was one of my favorite subjects in high school, and it still is today. But what if you have a student who loves math or science and finds studying history to be a chore? I’ve found that instead

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