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Usbourne Quicklinks

When we are doing research on topics, we usually turn to the Internet. As much as we try to narrow it down, there is such a plethora of information, it can be discouraging and overwhelming. We recently found out about Usbourne Quicklinks. There are many non fiction options- almost every subject.  What makes these books special is that after reading an internet-linked book, you

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If you haven’t joined the Pinterest movement, you will soon. It’s an addictive great website to discover new innovative and positive ideas and a way to store all that interests you in one place.   For homeschoolers, Pinterest offers a way to share fun project ideas and unit studies among other things.   In Pinterest, you can join homeschool groups which participate in collaborative

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Tune Into Free Online Resources with ITunesU!

I recently upgraded to an IPhone and was in the process of downloading my music library from ITunes when I came across ITunesU.  What caught my eye was the phrase “free education”.  As all homeschooling parents will understand, I am always on the lookout for free anything, but free education sounded extra special.  Well, I can say, after checking it out, that it is AWESOME!  Educational

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An Unexpected Lesson

One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is the freedom it affords to pursue interesting topics you might otherwise not have time for, especially topics you weren’t planning on studying. Last weekend, as my husband came in from an errand, he had news to share. “Come outside!” he said excitedly. “I’ve found a beehive!” We all ran outside and looked up in the tree

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