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First Businesses

My son has always been around people who own their own businesses. Entrepreneur examples are plentiful, so it is no surprise that at ten, he’s already brainstorming what kind of business he will have. when he “grows up”. Recently I explained that most of the people whom we know with businesses have run the gamut on start up businesses. And as a rule it

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Politics and Your Child

The presidential election news is everywhere, sometimes in heated words and arguments about health care, economy, jobs, the war abroad among other hot topics. My son has been asking lots of questions.  His friends make comments they hear their parents make so it’s no wonder he is mostly confused.   I appreciate he is thinking about national issues and how they affect us. I

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Parent’s Night Out

Parents who homeschool their children can experience burn-out. Homeschooling is a commitment that demands hours and hours of being “on” so it becomes imperative when break is the only thing that will keep us sane. Our role of stay at home parent who also homeschool and all the related duties are never ending it seems. Between being with the children almost all the time

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