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Math Instruction for Kindergarteners

As you prepare to start your Kindergartener on more formal math instruction, you might be surprised at how many Kindergarten math skills he’s already mastered. As just a general guideline, by the end of the school year, your kindergartener should be able to: • Sort objects into groups • Identify which items in a group are the same or which item in the group

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Homeschooling: Reading for Kindergarteners

As you begin homeschooling your Kindergartener, you’ll want to include daily time for reading. Reading can be as basic as learning to recognize letters and the sounds they make or, for those children who started earlier, it can involve reading simple beginner books. There are many resources out there for you to choose from, some with less formal instructions and others with set curriculums.

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Homeschooling Your Kindergartener

Your preschooler is ready for formal schooling. Now what? Many homeschooling families loosely follow traditional school guidelines for grade levels. If your child attended a traditional school, he began Kindergarten the year he turned five, providing the fifth birthday occurred before August. Those children with September through December birthdays are encouraged to begin Kindergarten the next year. When homeschooling, however, this is simply a

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