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Schooling During the Holidays

We have a hard time getting schooling done during the holidays — there are so many enjoyable distractions that it’s difficult for me to focus on math and reading lessons, let alone my children. If you’re struggling with getting your students on task this time of year, here are a couple of things you might try: Create a winter or holiday unit study Put

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Lap booking

Since day one we have used lapbooks in homeschooling.  After so many years, we have quite a collection. If you are new to homeschool, a lap book is an educational tool.  Children make mini-books about whatever they are learning at the moment, replete with drawings, stories, graphs, graphics,timelines, diagrams, and written stories or notes.  When done its an interactive book on any topic or

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Homeschool Curriculum Choice

If you are looking into new curriculum for the new year, take a few minutes to visit the site TheCurriculumChoice.com. Developed by a group of home educators, the mission of this site is to discuss favorite curricula and homeschooling methods. Because a number of homeschooling parents contribute to the site, different philosophies are represented, and most likely, you’ll find a writer there that shares

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Homeschool Help Online

Sometimes it’s hard to recall what life was like before the internet. I remember when we were given a used 486 computer about 11 years ago and started out with dial-up service. Everything was so new then, but today, we can access information from around the world with just a few clicks of the mouse. And this is great news for homeschoolers. Not only

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