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Historical Fiction for the Middle Grades

No matter what your students are studying in history, consider using historical fiction as part of your curriculum. More than just dates and events, this genre of literature immerses readers in the time period, taking them on an adventure during the era they’ve just studied. If you want to supplement your curriculum for your middle grade readers (grades 5-9), here are some books you

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Picture This! – Historical Reads

When we study history, I often supplement the lessons with reading books that correspond with the era we are learning about.  The children read age-appropriate biographies, or I read the books together with them. Another great resource, however, is historical fiction. Historical fiction is the name given to the genre of literature that features stories set during a particular period of history but that

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Coin County – A Bank in a Book

From an early age, children learn that you need money in order to purchase something from the store. It’s so much fun to let a young child pick something out, give him the exact change, and allow him to pay the clerk. You’re child will have an even stronger sense of satisfaction, though, if he uses his own money that he has saved to

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Please Teach This. Thank You!

One often overlooked area of study is manners and etiquette for young people. If you’d like to incorporate this subject into your homeschooling day, check out the curriculum Oops, Your Manners are Showing. The lessons, written by Peggy Norwood and Jan Stable, are compiled in books for ages 2-3, 4-7, and 8-adult. Teacher’s guides and activity pages are available for each age group as

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