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Long Distance Relationships

My husband is a big kid with my son. He’s the one that gets down on the floor and plays with him, will spend hours discussing the ins and outs of a video game, will wrestle with my son until they are both giggling. He is the fun parent most of the time. I can be fun too but it’s nice to have this

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Reading in the Fifth Grade

By the time your child is in the fifth grade, you’ll want to get her on a good reading schedule, both for school assignments and for pleasure. Set aside a time during your school day for her to read required books: biographies, autobiographies, and other history books, science books, classic literature — whatever fits in well with the curriculum you’re using. Then set aside

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Homeschooling Your First Grader

Your child is now ready to begin the first grade. If you began homeschooling him in Kindergarten, you probably found that teaching him the basic skills wasn’t as hard as you may have thought. Your first grader is just as excited about learning as your Kindergartener was, so continue to take advantage of as many hands-on learning opportunities that you can. For a general

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