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A New Year, A New Start for Homeschooling

If you’re like me, the holidays are a busy time with family and friends, and the schoolwork gets less attention. While we enjoy the Christmas season, we need the change in the calendar page to give us the boost we need to start again. If the holidays got your family a little off-track too, here are some things that might help: Set Some Homeschooling

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Politics and Your Child

The presidential election news is everywhere, sometimes in heated words and arguments about health care, economy, jobs, the war abroad among other hot topics. My son has been asking lots of questions.  His friends make comments they hear their parents make so it’s no wonder he is mostly confused.   I appreciate he is thinking about national issues and how they affect us. I

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Put Down the Smart Phone

Nowadays it’s so easy to capture every little special moment.  Most of us have our smart phone on our person at all times, providing video, photography, audio and other types of ways to capture those moments. It is easy to do this so we do, but looking around a playground it’s easy to see how this can be detrimental to our kids, our families

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Toddlers and Real Life Skills

There is always that newbie question that is asked on networking sites or forums dedicated to homeschool discussion: I want to start homeschooling my 3 year old but is it too soon? Veteran homeschoolers know learning happens everyday. As a parent, you just need to set the stage.  Create an environment that encourages exploration and self-paced learning and you cannot go wrong.   For

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Wants vs Needs

During a social studies study unit, my son and I happened upon the wants vs. needs discussion. We talked about how needs are those that we cannot live without like food, clothing, shelter and health care. We then went over how though we enjoy items such as toys, junk food, video games, gadgets and fancy clothes, these things qualify as wants. They are not

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Books To Help Pull You Through Difficult Times

I was looking through our home library to clean it out a bit and make room for any ‘new’ books we may find at flea markets and local goodwill stores, when on the back of one shelf I noticed a theme developing. There were a half dozen books for children to understand illness, death and separation. I want to share these books because they

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