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For the first time, my son slept over a friend’s house. As we prepared his overnight bag, I caught myself telling my son “be good; behave…”. I stopped myself because a warning bell went off in my mind.  What exactly was I doing by saying “be good”? We teach our kids to respect their elders, to obey grown-ups and to do what they are

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Hug It Out! – The Importance of Hugs

During the course of the day, homeschooling and taking care of everything else, my children and I can become very detached from each other. We do our thing, fall into our respective roles. Sometimes before we know it, the day is almost over and very little of emotional significance has transpired. I feel a sense of loss, emptiness and sadness when I realize this.

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LIVE stream

There are wonderful places to explore right where we live. Museums, zoos, state parks, wild beaches, galleries, lakes, trails, mangroves, marshes, sports events among others.  It’s an amazing feeling to see and experience these things in person. Part of our homeschooling routine includes almost daily trips because the first hand experiences seem to garnish the best sort of learning. For example, when we visited

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Be the Mirror

“Mommy, run with me!” exclaims my very active child.  These words- this directive- strike fear into my heart.  Me?  run?  Please, please, please no! Every time, I think I may cry.  I am the most non-athletic person my son will probably ever know, but he doesn’t know it yet. That’s because I follow the directive, huffing and puffing along, trying desperately to catch up

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Growing Up

Today I read an article that announced a recent survey revealed more than half of American parents are still supporting their adult children. Yikes!  It started to get me thinking about the need to ensure that our children learn to grow up to be functioning adults who contribute to society and community. The first thing I know it is imperative to have is an

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Free Time for Mommy

It’s nice to have a break- no kids, no planning, just quiet time with my own thoughts. I was able to enjoy that this past weekend when my husband announced he was taking the kids to the park. It was an hour and a half of pure bliss. As a homeschooling parent, I find very little down time since I have to make the

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