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Teaching With Picture Books

When my kids were younger, we read through hundreds of picture books. Sometimes we would snuggle up together and read the books on the sofa, and other times I would read aloud at the table as the children were eating lunch. Some picture books were just fun, while others were meant to be educational. But did you know that you can plan your lessons around a good picture

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Interview with Jim Weiss – Storytelling and Homeschooling

I recently had the special privilege of interviewing international storyteller Jim Weiss. I first heard of Jim in the late 90s before my oldest officially started school. “We love these stories,” my friend told me. “You have to hear them, too!” I was so glad I took her advice!  Twenty-five years ago, Jim and his wife Randy formed Greathall Productions. They have since produced

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Your Teaching Style – Choosing Homeschooling Curriculum

While it’s important to consider your child’s learning style, it’s just as important to determine your own teaching style. What method suits you best as you educate your child at home? Do you like everything planned out ahead of time? Some curricula provide the exact words to say to your student as you go through the lesson. Does that kind of detail bring a

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Homeschooling Parents | Share Your Skills

About this time of year, many homeschoolers are beginning to plan for summer studies or the next school year. Our co-op is already beginning to form the 2010-2011 class schedules based on student interest and teacher availability. As you decide the subjects you want your children to study, you might consider sharing your own skills with others – and allowing them to share with

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Homeschooling: Five in a Row

If you have a child ages four to eight, you might want to consider using one of the Five in a Row books as part of your curriculum. Each book provides the homeschooling parent with ideas for teaching language arts, social studies, science, applied math, and art, all centered around good literature. There are four different volumes in the Five in a Row series.

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Reading in the Third Grade

Hopefully, by the time your child begins the third grade, she’s enjoying reading books. As with all the early elementary ages, however, third graders read on different levels; some may still be struggling with de-coding words while others may be reading chapter books or longer works independently. If you find that your child still needs extra help with reading, don’t worry; just continue with

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