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Maps of War

My younger brother is a Navy officer and my son is always wondering about the time he was deployed to Iraq.  My son is interested in war history in general but this war I have had a hard time explaining, so I researched some tools online.  Enter Maps of War. The Maps of War site is a collection of eclectic and creative visuals that

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One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Game!

I can still hear my son’s little voice begging me to play “Grandma’s Treasure” just one more time. Over and over we played it until I started to dread it, like when your favorite song gets played out on the radio . This game would keep him enthralled for hours – the deck of cards enable you to set up a treasure hunt with

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Homeschool | Printable World Maps

If you like to combine a study of geography along with your history lessons, you might be searching for some good printable maps for your children to label or study. The Internet is a valuable resource for finding such maps. Here are a few sites that not only have a variety of maps available, but they’re also easy to use: Printable World Map It 

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Introducing your Children to Asia

I just discovered this gem of an educational resource for students to explore Asia, Asian culture and issues that impact US relations with Asia. It covers some 30 countries that comprise Asia and feature materials from early civilizations to more current events. There are games, essays, lesson plans, glossaries and timelines that work great for elementary, middle and high school students. While primarily aimed

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