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Giving Children Allowance

I’ve read a lot of different views regarding giving children allowances. Should children be paid for doing daily chores? Don’t they need to understand that every member of the family contributes to the upkeep of the home? Should they get paid for that contribution? I decided that while it’s important children learn to help out around the home, it’s also vital that they learn

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Exciting News from SmartTutor.com – Lesson Library Released!

You asked for it! You got it! Many of you requested the ability to assign lessons to your children. Well, today we are proud to announce our first release of the SmartTutor Lesson Library! What does this valuable new tool mean for you? It means that you now have the flexibility of assigning specific lessons to enhance your child’s instruction. Simply go into the

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Geometry Live

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. We were trying to determine whether to weather the weather or run like the wind. It’s a bad pun, I know. The good news is that the storm has passed, and we’re all okay. I have good news for all of you math-philes out there. Smart Tutor Geometry is now fully integrated into Smart

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