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Word Dynamo

Having a great vocabulary is a social indicator of a good education, so it’s no wonder homeschool parents in particular highlight the importance of it to their children. Up until recently, we relied on the good old dictionary to learn. This is not my son’s favorite activity. Luckily for us, it is now much more interesting for children to expand their vocabulary. Word Dynamo

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Awesome, Simple Record-Keeping for Homeschooling!

Record-keeping just got a lot easier! Evernote is a  fantastic free tool for homeschoolers to keep records of their children’s learning. Up until now, I have had to print out web pages, get pictures printed, summarize details of a lesson in a notebook, keep written track of the resources we use etc. It’s time consuming, hard to keep up and sometimes very unpleasant. Now

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Studying the Slithery

About a week ago, my youngest found a small snake in our yard. In our area, snakes are beginning to hibernate as the colder weather sets in, so it was an unusual find. After looking closely at our snake, we realized it was a harmless hognose, naturally prompting a snake study at my house. We found a lot of great resources online, and there’s

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