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Field Day – Homeschool Activities

Our homeschooling co-op is planning their annual field day! This is a great idea for people homeschooling and looking for new homeschool activities outside the home that involve the community. Each year elementary students take part, and it’s always a lot of fun. If you’re not part of a co-op, don’t worry – you can still have a field day. A friend of mine organizes

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Physical Education in the Winter

It’s easy for my kids to stay active in the summer. They swim, bike, run, and play outside, and there’s rarely a shortage of things to do. During the winter, though, it’s a little harder to get them motivated and moving. If you want to add physical education to your child’s schooldays this season, here are some things you could try: Join a Team

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Physical Education for Homeschoolers

I remember physical education class in elementary school, though it was so long ago! It involved jumping jacks, relay races, and kickball. While your child can do jumping jacks on his own, relay races and kickball are team activities. Even with a big family, it’s often difficult for homeschoolers to participate traditional PE activities. But homeschooled children can have school days complete with physical

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Homeschool – Physical Education

We know it’s important for our children to get enough exercise, but how do we work physical education into our homeschooling day? Even though you may not have a daily class time for P.E., there are other ways to fit it into your child’s schedule. Check with your local YMCA to see if they have homeschool classes available. Our YMCA offers exercise classes once

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