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Poetry Slam

My son listens to music incessantly.  Rap music, mostly.  He mentioned the other day he thought some of the lyrics seems like they were about the musician’s life.  We looked it up and it appears this particular artist’s music is autobiographical, so my son was right.  This conversation about rapping led to a discussion about poetry, in particular what metaphor, assonance, consonance etc are.

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Though I have been reading classical poetry to my son since he was a baby, this has slowly faded. Poetry is imperative reading. It’s a way for children to explore language and make connections between words and emotion. Poetry discussions can help a child develop critical thinking skills- deciphering text and intent can be a mysterious journey. It is how poetry can help the

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A Charlotte Mason Companion

Charlotte Mason, an educator in England in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and author of Home Education, saw children as feeling and thinking human beings with spirits that should be nourished, not just vessels to be filled with information. With this in mind, she developed a practical (and at the time, radical) method of teaching centered around the arts and good literature,

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Reading in the Fifth Grade

By the time your child is in the fifth grade, you’ll want to get her on a good reading schedule, both for school assignments and for pleasure. Set aside a time during your school day for her to read required books: biographies, autobiographies, and other history books, science books, classic literature — whatever fits in well with the curriculum you’re using. Then set aside

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