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Make a Bug Mobile!

Summertime around our house means – bugs! By bugs, I not only mean bugs like stink bugs and milkweed bugs, but all the six-legged insects. There are bugs in the yard and bugs in the house, biting bugs and stinging bugs. And though parents may grumble, there is a way to make these buggy days fun for kids. They can create their own bug

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Sneaker Art

This weeks art project comes courtesy of my artistic brother who is a sneaker head. He collects all sorts of great sneakers, including canvas sneakers which he paints with his signature graffiti art.   By personalizing simple and inexpensive canvas sneakers, children can express themselves in a truly unique artistic way.   The design can incorporate any theme that is near and dear to

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Making from Scratch- A Good Homeschool Lesson

In an effort to save money and help the environment, we try to make as much as we can from scratch and try to also give recyclable containers a new life.  It is a relatively easy and fun activity.  Making things from scratch gives us the opportunity to watch chemistry in action. It is no secret my child loves science experiments and this is

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Book Reports

The love of reading is alive and well in our house.  If we have a free moment, you will find us reading.  It used to be you’d find us together reading in a heap.  Now that my son is nine, he retreats to his special places to enjoy his books. To gather his comprehension, I always ask him to provide a summary after he

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Science You Can Eat

Hands-on science projects involve questioning, observing, experimenting, and recording. While you may think you need a science lab or laboratory equipment to conduct a successful science experiment, think again — there are many things you can do in your own kitchen with items from the grocery store and common cooking utensils! In Science Experiments You Can Eat, author Vicki Cobb points out that cooking

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Incredible Art Lessons

I teach art lessons in my home during the school year, and I have some students who have been coming for a number of years. As I was searching the Internet for new lessons, I came upon IncredibleArt.org — an incredible site for art ideas! From the homepage, you can click on the “Lessons” link to enter the art lesson section. There you can

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