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Homeschool Record Keeping

Homeschool Record Keeping When I hear the word “homeschooling”, I think about hands-on projects, field trips, learning games and crafts, and fun activities. But just like any job, there are aspects of the “homeschooling parent” position that can be, well, a bit tedious.  While it’s tough enough to get beyond the occasional bad attitude or lack of focus, you also have to keep accurate

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A to Z Home’s Cool – Homeschooling Portal

If you are looking for information on the Internet regarding homeschooling, A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschool website is the place to start. This community site offers help for home educators of students from preschool through high school with articles, lesson ideas, books, materials, and curriculum, as well as links to many other online homeschooling resources. New to homeschooling? You’ll find articles about what

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Homeschoolers in our state are responsible for their own record-keeping. Lesson plans and assignments need to be written down and the number of school days recorded. I’ve used several different methods to keep track of the work each of my children has completed. When I had one child doing schoolwork, I used a spiral notebook to keep track of the lessons. Each day I

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